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The Bus Ride from Hell


\n\nMatt trudged off the school bus, already feeling like he was off to a terrible start. He didn't even make it two steps before he was seized from behind by a group of rowdy classmates. They laughed and jeered as they pulled his boxers down, exposing him to the entire busload of students.\n\nMatt's face burned with embarrassment as he tried to wriggle free. But the grasp of his tormentors was like iron. His backpack was pushed to the ground, and Matt was forced to stand there, his boxers around his ankles, as the bus driver yelled at the group to stop messing around.\n\nAs the bus pulled up to Matt's stop, his tormentors finally relented, allowing him to hastily pull his boxers back up. Matt moved quickly off the bus, not daring to look back as he made a beeline for the nearest restroom, desperate to escape the humiliating scene.