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The Unexpected Hero


Joe's heart sank as he heard the sound of his cousin Amy's giggles coming from the top of the stairs. He had been changing into his new superhero costume when he received a knock on the door from Amy, and he hadn't bothered to grab his pants. Now, he was caught in nothing but his bright blue underpants, with a bright red \S\ emblazoned on his behind. Amy's laughter echoed down the hallway, and Joe's face burned with embarrassment. He hastily tried to cover himself with his arms, but Amy was already racing down the stairs, her eyes fixed on him. \Joey, what's wrong? Why are you wearing a crazy pair of underwear?\ she asked, her giggles growing louder. Joe's mortification was complete. He had never felt so embarrassed in his life. He quickly grabbed his pants and stuffed his legs into them, trying to play it cool despite his throbbing embarrassment.