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As I opened my eyes, I was met with a unfamiliar face staring back at me. It was Yasuna's face, but everything about it felt foreign. I tried to process what was happening, but it was too much to take in. I was Asuta Soro, and now I was trapped in Yasuna's body. At first, everything felt like a dream. Her hair seemed to move of its own accord, flowing behind her like seaweed. Her eyes, a brilliant blue-green, seemed to shine with an otherworldly light. I couldn't believe how refined she looked, like a fairy princess born to rule. As I moved, I felt like I was floating through life. My movements were slow and deliberate, like I was sipping tea in a Victorian parlour. People passed by, barely acknowledging me, and yet I felt like I was the queen of the scene. I slipped on Yasuna's uniform, tying the bow tie with fussy precision. The fluffy blouse and jumper dress felt like a costume, but in a good way. I smiled to myself, knowing that I looked stunning. In this body, I felt like a completely different person, one who was refined, demure, and yet somehow ed