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The Panty Prisoner

FantasyGender SwapMonster Girl

I lurched awake, my mind reeling as I took in my surroundings. I was sprawled across a rack of colorful articles of clothing, but it was the fabric that wrapped around my legs and stomach that made my blood run cold. I looked down to see that I had been transformed into a pair of women's panties. The soft material clung to my now feminized body, making me feel miserable. A gentle cooing grew louder, and I followed the sound to a nearby display of lingerie. A beautiful, buxom monster girl with bright pink skin and long, curly hair was admiring her own reflection. She caught my gaze and smiled, her eyes sparkling with excitement. \Ah, a new toy!\ she squealed, her voice high-pitched and childlike. She padded over to me, her hands grasping for me like she was about to play with a doll. My heart raced with terror as I realized I was trapped in this bizarre, humiliating predicament, at the mercy of this monstrous girl's whims.